Are you looking for a free extension? So, this one is just right for you. Install Opera onto your Mac and you will have it inside. What is special about it is that it is a proxy. Opera is a perfect solution for MacOS, this browser being the 5th widespread one in the world. Their technology allows having the fastest speed of connection, while using VPN.

Did you know that Opera browser is available for many OS, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android OS? What’s good is that Opera does not gather any info on which websites are visited and what the Mac user is doing on the Internet.

Safe connections are provided for by the use of HTTPS.


How to get this vpn from opera on your mac?

First, you need to download Opera onto your Mac.

Turn on the VPN service by going to the main menu of Opera, then choosing Privacy section, and in that section, you will find the VPN menu. Turn it on. Make sure that the latest browser version is on your PC. In the left side of the Search bar you will find the word “VPN,” click it and you are surfing safely.


VPN extension is the best on mac!

Now you can enjoy the highest level of privacy ever whenever you are online.

Half a billion people are currently using this service of Opera and they are happy with it. What are the ways you can utilize it? They are as follows:

– If you want to have fun online (39%)

– Anonymity online (30%)

– If one wants to visit the blocked sites (29%)

– Surfing the net safely at work (27%)

– Communicating with family and friends who are overseas (24%)

– Reading the news on the blocked sites (22%).

It goes without saying that the service is popular with the younger generation who are always online, who wish to use the Internet to the fullest and without any limits, visit the sites that are blocked due to political decisions or copyright.

When online, you are certain to enjoy browsing with this offer. This browser presents so many other features as well, like Speed Dial and Discover services.  Mac users are secured since it has an ad-blocker, which will cost you nothing.

Are you still considering installing this VPN? Don’t think twice since your privacy is very important. It is the most user-friendly service you have ever encountered online.