Users become victims of online crimes more and more, mostly they suffer from frauds and financial offenses. That happens due to many reasons, but mostly because of negligence of users. For example, it is very dangerous to use unsecured network without any additional instruments and disclose some personal details, especially the true geo. For that reasons you should better download vpn for your mac and protect the system.

How to download vpn on mac within a minute

In order to become vpn user, it’s better to firstly decide the service to use, because there are a lot of providers. Clario, Nord, MacKeeper and some other definitely уserve your attention. Try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each, because among main role of providing vpn service, Clario, for example, also propose safe network, and private browsing with AI using. 

Here is simple instruction to be followed in order to download the program.

  1.     Search the provider on AppStore and load it if available. In most cases, providers are unavailable on AppStore, thus you should visit their official website and download installer from here.   


  1.     Sometimes there is instruction made by provider itself.


  1.     After that, you should open the installer (it’s in Downloads folder).


  1.     After that, launch the installer and in the introduction read the terms of use and press Continue.


  1.     Then select destination or click Continue if you don’t change default settings.


  1.     Repeat the previous step with Instalation Type.


  1.     Then mac system could ask you to enter the password to confirm that you definitely want to load the app from the net. Do that and press install software.


  1.     After that in summary step close the window.


  1.     Then move the installer to bin. Open the provider.


Why to download vpn for mac

To sum up, here is the key reasons to start enjoying of vpn services such as Clario. First of all, it helps you secure the network when you are at public spots (mostly, network here is unsecured). Apart from that, it keeps the real geo location secret and permanently change your geo. It keeps your identity more protected. And what is more, in some regions it helps you to visit any sites or services if they were prohibited by local government restrictions.