Internet frauds are becoming more and more common among internet users. That includes data bridges, ID theft, illegal financial crimes and some others. That happens due to many facts, but some of them are using of unsecured network, mostly in public places, and unintentionally disclosure of your geolocation. In order to get rid of such probability, start enjoying VPN services. Find out main issues why to use it and short guide for mac users how to set up vpn.


What to do to set up vpn on mac?

First of all, first issue is choosing of vpn service provider, because there are a lot of them with different sets of benefits. Here will be example how to set up Mackeeper app.

In order to set up app on laptop go to official website of provider. Scroll down the leading page to acknowledge with all benefits available and after that download the installer. Or if you have already got acquainted with proposals you can also load installer on the top of leading page. Also, you can easily load app by pressing on sign Download (to the right of Pricing).

After that open Downloads on the Mac (or another folder where the installer was downloaded from website) and launch it with click.

After opening, for installing of MacKeeper read firstly the terms of use and then press on Continue the process.

After that you will see some technical descriptions such as the amount of memory occupied by the program. After reading, press on Install.

Write down the password to allow system download program and press Continue to move on the process. On the screen you will see how quickly the process is going.

Congratulations! The process of installation has been finished. The program should be opened, and the next picture will be shown.

Delete the installer after downloading of the program.


Short summary: set up vpn on Mac

Taking everything into account, it could be mentioned that process of vpn set up is quite easy and fast. Moreover, you will enjoy a lot of functions, such as secure network in public places, permanent changes of your geolocation so that it would be disclosed, and you will be able to benefit sites that is unavailable due to location limitations.