Every modern Mac contains a lot of information, it would be better to say a full “personal file” about its owner. We keep opening our online banking, doing online shopping, exchanging information with colleagues, and of course, we put passwords, hoping that they protect us. But no! You can change your passwords every day and you will be never ensured against thefts. So how to stay secure and how does VPN service help you in the online world?

VPN is a special system which defines as a virtual private network. In simple words, it might be explained as a cable that connects your Mac with a net. The principle of this cable is in encrypting all your data while using public Wi-Fi, for instance.

The main functions of the VPN:

  • Change reallocation
  • Unblock restricted pages
  • Encrypt data


Having one of the best VPN service you will always stay anonymous on a net and nobody will be able to track your actions. Some countries block social sites and messengers, so it is not a trouble for you. You change location in one click and visit all pages you need.

How often do you use Wi-Fi? For sure, every day at home but when you are out, you really want to get a highspeed, unlimited net and you connect to Wi-Fi at the nearest cafe. But how do you know that it is safe and nobody is watching you and all your online activity? Especially, it is dangerous when you are finishing online payments through public Wi-Fi. As any hacker can easily steal your card number and pin code. Be sure that it takes him 60 seconds, it happens so fast that you do not even notice any suspicious things. If you want to keep your actions in a secret you must try the best VPN service for your Mac. But which one to use and how to install it? See below.


A list of the best Mac VPNs in 2020 which you can trust

Let’s see the best 5 VPN for Mac that really provide high service, so you will definitely find something for your device.


Clario The startup, no price yet, full range of services, early-bird discount
Express VPN Fast, server in 94 countries, free version, powerful protection
CyberGhost Up to 5 devices protection,7 days free trial, high speed
Nord VPN The server in 47 countries, simple interface, fast
Surfshark All basic functions, server in 60+ countries, fast enough, good price, unblock Netflix


Currently, it is not a problem to find the best service for Mac. The point is that you have to test several products and understand which one is the best for you. Remember, you should download from the official pages only. Some of them are running without registration. All you need is to go to the official site, choose the tariff (in case there is no free trial) and download, after that set up it and turn on. The first player is Clario, it is fresh and you will find not so much feedback and reviews, they haven’t even announced the price but promised to impress their users and they presented Clario as a “next-generation cybersecurity solution”.

The next tool is Express, it is one of the best and perfect tools for Mac because it has all the necessary functions to protect your online life. It has a super-powerful encrypting service. CyberGhost is famous because of its simple usage and strong encryption. The 7 days free trial is available on their web page. Nord is free for Mac, but it offers only basic functions that you can always upgrade. Surfshark will be the best solution if you want to unblock Netflix and watch streaming videos.


A small tip for you before you start dealing with VPNs for Mac

There are many free VPN services for Mac and it doesn’t mean that all of them are good and reliable. Having such tool on your device, you might be irritated because of the slow connection, so, for this reason, try different VPNs and choose the most suitable personally for you.

Keep in mind that any VPN is deeply uniting with Mac and some of them might be really dangerous as they can steal your information. You have to trust only tested already VPNs, that are able to provide you the guarantee of comfortable surfing on a net. Sometimes it is worth paying a bit more than to get into hackers’ hands and lose your property.

If you want confidentiality, download the best VPN service now.