Macbook air is the most popular Apple laptop and at the same time the most widespread target for hackers. Internet offenders need to get some your information in order to find out the least. The easiest way to attack your system is when you use Wi-Fi at public places, such as cafes, restaurants, parks and so on, because this network is always unsecured. User could protect himself even with using vpn. Find out the simple way to set up it and other benefits from using.


Download vpn on macbook air within a minute

In order to start using of vpn services you just need one minutes. However, before setting up the program you should choose the right one. There are a wide range of good providers, the next ones are worth to be emphasized: Clario, Nord, MacKeeper and some other.

Here is the instruction how to begin use the vpn.

  1.     Try to find the program on AppStore and download it. If you cannot find it (mostly such services are unavailable on AppStore), visit official website of the provider.
  2.     Download the installer from official site on the macbook air.


  1.     You even can see the simplest guide right on the site. Just follow it.


  1.     Open the installer from the Downloads folder.


  1.     After that read the terms of use and press Continue.


  1.     Then select a destination of the app and continue process.



  1.     Then choose location and finally instal the app .


  1.     If the system demands the passwords to install the program, enter it.

  1.     After that installation will be going and you will see the process. 
  2. After installation is finished, closed the window and move to the bin installer.



Why to use vpn on my macbook air?

There are a few reasons to start enjoying VPN if you still don’t do it. To start with, it helps to secure your network at public places. It means that you will be less vulnerable to issues as internet frauds.

Secondly, you will hide the actual geo location and constantly change places of servers. And the last but not least, you will be able to enjoy ani site or service even if they are restricted due to local government decisions.